Balance is our level 1 Pilates Reformer class, focusing on proper alignment, technique, and mindful movement. This low-impact workout creates strength and stability throughout your entire body.

Balance is the perfect Pilates class for beginners, as the slower pace of this class allows the student to build a strong foundation. However, it can also be a great option for even the most seasoned of Pilates students to go back to the basics.

This class is strongly recommended as a starting point for students with current or recovering injuries. 



In this Pilates Reformer class, students will build upon the foundations laid in “Balance”, adding more intricate movements to their Pilates Repertoire. Exploring new and challenging variations of spring resistance, these advanced exercises are an excellent option for those looking to build strength and endurance in a low-impact workout.




This 55 minute long, high intensity interval training inspired class is sure to get your heart pumping, sweat pouring, and muscles burning! Classes incorporate Pilates reformer, mat, and chair exercises, as well as a variety of props, to create a high intensity, low impact cardio workout!




In this upbeat 30 minute pilates reformer class, it's all about the Jumpboard! Get ready for a sweat sesh that will have you (literally) jumping for joy! 




Based on PureRyde +Pilates technique, these classes are a perfect mix of high energy, inspiring music, and unique choreography. This class involves high repetition and weight integration, creating a dynamic and athletic approach to the Reformer workout! It's suitable for most levels, but be prepared for loud tunes + fast moves that will leave you feeling alive and energized.



Build Express

Enjoy this 45-minute version of our Build pilates reformer class, fit for even the busiest of schedules!



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