Balance is our level 1 Pilates Reformer


Here at Pure Balance, we have three types of reformer Pilates classes offering a wide variety of movements, intensities and atmospheres. The philosophy behind these classes is for all of them to work in harmony with each other, building upon the balance and strength you gain differently from all three. Whether you are a beginner to reformer Pilates or a seasoned PB member, all three class offerings are made to complement each other and allows you to choose the workout

your body needs in that moment!

Check out the descriptions below to learn more about each of the class types, what they focus on and what to expect!


Balance is our level 1 Pilates Reformer class, focusing on proper alignment, technique, and mindful movement. This low - impact workout creates strength and stability throughout your entire body.

Balance is the perfect Pilates class for beginners, as the slower pace of this class allows the student to build a strong foundation. However, it can also be a great option for even the most seasoned of Pilates students, creating a deeper mind-body connection and understanding of the movement, allowing them to get even more out of their more advanced classes.

**This class is strongly recommended as a starting point for students with current or recovering injuries.**



Looking for that deep shake and burn? Try one of our Build classes! In this Pilates Reformer class, students will build upon the foundations laid in “Balance”, adding more intricate movements to their Pilates Repertoire. Exploring new and challenging variations of spring resistance, these advanced exercises are an excellent option for those looking to build strength and endurance in a low-impact workout.




Building on the foundations and strength you gain from our Balance and Build classes, SWEAT will be fast paced, high energy, and filled with amazing music, of course! Sweat uses higher repetition, heavier springs, and quicker movement patterns to get your blood pumping and your sweat pouring. This class incorporates the jump board, so get ready for a sweat sesh that will (literally) have you jumping for joy!