• Ali Hall

Myth Busting The Reformer!

1. You have to be super fit to do reformer Pilates. False! Joseph Pilates originally created the reformer to help support the body while building strength to do more challenging exercises. The low impact nature of the reformer makes it the PERFECT workout for anyone just getting back in to exercise, recovering from injuries, or wanting to build strength. *Try a balance class to check it out!*

2. You have to be really flexible to do reformer Pilates. False! Pilates reformer exercises often use active stretching, helping even the tightest of bodies to increase flexibility! Almost every exercise has a mobility component, whether you realize it or not. So you get to gain flexibility while gaining strength. It's a win win!

3. Reformer Pilates is easy and doesn't make me sweat. False! Pilates reformer is like no other kind of workout- and is never easy if you are doing the exercises correctly! Focusing on whole body integration, you are often working more than one area of the body at once, while challenging stability, mobility, and core control. The great thing about the reformer is that they are so incredibly versatile, there is always a way to make an exercise more challenging, or to make it a bit easier if needed. If you like to sweat, try our SWEAT or Bodhi classes!

4. You have to be coordinated and graceful to do Pilates. False! Pilates helps build coordination and grace, and you don't have to have that to start! Pilates was originally called Contrology, and one of its purposes is to teach you to control your body and to create a mind-body connection, leading to MORE coordination and grace in your daily living!

We promise- they are not as scary as they look! Pilates is for EVERY BODY!

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