• Ali Hall

We're calling *BS* on swimsuit season!

It’s officially summer! Wahoo! Time for poolside drinks, beaches, and fun in the sun, right?! But raise your hand if the first thing that comes to mind when you hear summer is *gasps* the dreaded “swimsuit season?”😅 Are you feeling anxious about having to put that old suit back on? Or even worse, the dressing room try on session from hell, am I right? Fitness studios everywhere are promoting Bikini Body Challenges and summer diets to get you ready for summer. I even saw a billboard recently for a cosmetic surgery clinic that read “the beach is calling, be ready to answer” along with a photo of a very thin woman in a bikini. This time of year, women are constantly targeted by fitness studios preying on their insecurities. We are bombarded with messages that our current bodies are not worthy of a swimsuit. That we must change our bodies before donning that 2 piece. Well, I’ve had enough! I'm calling BULLSHIT!

Did you know that the weight loss industry is a 78 BILLION dollar industry?! Their profit depends on convincing you that there is something inherently wrong with your body. Which leads me to the truth of the matter that YOUR BODY IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Toxic diet and fitness culture is.

Summer should be about having fun with your family and friends. A time to slow down, be present, do the things you love, and enjoy yourself! The LAST thing you should be worried about is meticulously counting calories, or stressing over workouts, all to look a certain way in a swimsuit.

Look, my point is, there is an entire industry who’s survival is contingent on us believing that we should hate our bodies in a bikini. They bank on it (literally) year after year.

If you’re tired of fitness studios who bank on your insecurities, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. At Pure Balance I promise that you will NEVER hear us promoting a “beach body challenge” or a “summer cleanse.” Will we encourage you to take care of yourself and your body, to treat your body with respect so you can better show up for those in your life? Yes. Will we encourage you to find joyful movement that reminds you of how incredibly capable you are, and to build strength to support the amazing life you want to live? Yes! Will we encourage you to take a week off for vacation and live your best life drinking mojitos on the beach? Of course! But will we ever make you feel like your body is something that must be dealt with or changed? HELL NO. I’m here to remind you that you are beautiful and worthy as is! That any body is a bikini body, and that you deserve to be able to enjoy yourself this summer! DON'T let the diet industry win. DRINK that mojito, EAT that ice cream, put the the bathing suit on and enjoy your summer!

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